Camalie Networks System 3
Wireless Agricultural Monitoring and Control

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Edit Network, Gateway and Server Names:

Network Name


NetworkIDNetwork Name #
001320632e71CNN2 Server
001d72bdeb5dCN2 .1.139 :7999 Apache Corrupted
002590545794CN4 ( +
20480Hill Walker Vineyards Main CS3 Net pcD0
20484CamNets Palo Alto pcD4 Master Gateway
20497J2 StageCoach Backup
20499Nanette’s links
20500Collins Family Vineyards
20502pcD16 Napa Development CS3 gateway
20504pcD18 August
20505pcD19 Napa Inventory
20512pcD20 Napa Inventory
20513Nelson Family Vineyards
20514Robert Young Vineyards CS3
20515Terraces at Quarry Vineyards - CS3 pcD23
20516Hill Walker Vineyards Weather Station pcD24
20517 pcD25 Napa Inventory Gateway Batch 2
448a5b979b01CN7 (
448a5b9cd918CN8 (
BRN2Brown Estate Vineyards
CAMCamalie Vineyards eKo Pro System
CAM80Camalie Vineyards eKo Pro System Port80 push
HEM2Green and Red Vineyards - Jay Heminway
SBV3Sam Brannan Vineyards - Ed Lantz
TQV2Terraces at Quarry Vineyards -ekotran
YNGRobert Young Vineyards eKo
YNG2Robert Young Vineyards YNG2 ekoTran
eca86bd4d10dCN5 ( Retired 4/17

Edit Node Names:

Node Name

Server CN7 at
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