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Gateway pcD23
Block 1F lower
Block 1B
Tank Level Node @ TQV
Relay Node to Tank
Relay Node Pelican Box, SparkFun 115/5
Relay Node Uphill East of Winery
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Nodes on Network 20515

Row #NodeIDNode Names Edit Last HeardXcoordYcoord
11087682259Gateway pcD23Tue Feb 25 05:54:12 2020 32182
21089130805Block 1F lowerTue Feb 25 05:54:11 2020 258605
31089130814Block 1BTue Feb 25 05:54:11 2020 603741
41088240761Tank Level Node @ TQVTue Feb 25 05:54:08 2020 92361
51085251171Relay Node to Tank Tue Feb 25 05:54:07 2020 33239
61084569465Relay Node Pelican Box, SparkFun 115/5Mon Feb 24 13:37:06 2020 59300
71089130819Relay Node Uphill East of WineryWed Nov 27 15:28:15 2019 107195

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