Camalie Networks System 3

Manual Command and Control -- All Networks, Nodes, Pins, and Commands

Port/Node Configurations CS3 Networks on
Node Commisioning CS3 Networks on
CS3 Network Gateways Restarts Log, w/LAN IP addresses
CS3 Alert Configuration for nets pushing to

Command to Execute:
Note: Leave the Value entry blank to query the specified node for the command value
Network Node Command Value
XBee 900HP Radio Command Reference
Some Values: 4=Digital LOW/OFF, 5=Digital HIGH/ON, 2=Analog Input

Commands Executed in last 120 minutes

NetIDNodeIDCommandTargetReadStatusCommand TimeUnixCommand TimeExecution Delay (sec.)Command Age (sec)

Node/Port/Sensors Heard From in Last 2400 Hours

NetIDNodeID #PortSensor TypeLast Heard
Last Updated 11/12/14 M.Holler, Camalie Networks