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Alerts for Collins Family Vineyards on Network 20500

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Alert to Add/Edit/Test or Delete:

Alert Network Node Port sType Parameter Conversion
Value Now Relation threshold Repetition interval(sec.) Destination E-mail Addr.

Alerts Configured

AlertIDNetIDNodeIDPortSensor TypeParameterConversionLatest ValueAt TimeConditionThresholdAlert StatusMin.Interval(sec.)Last Alert Dest. E-mail
Frost@Weather Station to PJC205001085251108M4207p1none53.2084910125Tue May 21 23:58:43 2019<35 FALSE3600Sat Feb 23 07:27:58
Frost@Weather Station to M.M.205001085251108M4207p1none53.2084910125Tue May 21 23:58:43 2019<35 FALSE3600Sat Feb 23 07:28:00

* Use parameter "lastheard" to create an alert based on the length of time(in seconds) since data was last heard from sensor. This is useful for alerting on sensor down.

Note1: Weather Station Parameters
M0: p1=Battery Voltage, p2= Solar Voltage, p3=External Voltage
M1: p1=Solar Radiation, p2=Solar Radiation Avg. (Watts/m2)
M2: p1=Wind, p2=Wind Avg., p3=Wind Max.(mph), p4=Wind Dir., p5=Wind Dir.Avg.(degrees)
M3: p1=Rain(inches), p2=Rain Rate (inches/hr.)
M4: p1=Temp (degrees F), p2= Relative Humidity (%)

Note2: e-mail destinations which forward to text
preface e-mail address with the phone number e.g.
Sprint: or

Note3: Caution do not use multiple consecutive spaces in alertIDs as they do not display or copy
If you can not edit or delete an alert you may need to view page source and pull the exact alertID text from the alerts table there
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